Green Building

13 Sep, 2023

ARYAWINDOW, is dedicated to designing and manufacturing energy-efficient window products that use sustainable materials and provide long-lasting performance. More and more architects, contractors, owners and investors are citing environmentally friendly building products and practices. They know that building green creates more impact than just the environment; means lower operating costs and higher productivity. ALUWIN windows incorporate several features that are both “Green” and “Sustainable”:

Easy Access

Aluminum is an abundant resource and 8% of the earth's crust consists of aluminum bauxite. This abundant supply exceeds global demands, and due to its recyclable nature, aluminum is the material of the next century.


We give 100% of our residues generated during window manufacturing to licensed recycling companies. In
this way, we enable the production of new aluminum products.

Long Lifespan

All windows should eventually be replaced BUT aluminum windows will last decades longer than wood and
PVC. Consider the impact on landfills around the world with all the wood and PVC waste. Also, think of the
energy wasted in the unnecessary production of short-lived wooden and PVC windows.